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Five sea kayakers paddle away from shore with sails mounted on the front of their kayaks. Beau Miles
Beau Miles

Beau Miles and the team of sea kayakers come together to make the first crossings into Bass Strait.

Episode Three

Matt meets Dan. Things go swimmingly for the first one and a half days before seasickness starts to wing them. The trio meet Paul and Craig offshore on day three during the first major crossing (50k crossing) to Hogan Island. Eerie, dead calm sea’s the following day, put them on Deal Island (40k crossing), smack bang in the middle of Bass Strait. There they are locked down, waiting for a clear 24hrs for their largest (70k+ crossing) crossing to Flinders Island. Moored kayaks are nearly lost to sea before being damaged in the shore break.

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This six-part documentary series is brought to you in conjunction with Beau Miles by Monash University and Adventure Kayak Magazine.

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 Filmmaker/Director/Paddler (researcher)

Beau Miles

Bio: Wanna be farmer who likes to build things, run, paddle, teach and tell stories. He has been narrating his travels for most of his adulthood, and tends to resist the idea that people can, or should be any one thing. Bass by Kayak is his PhD data for, ‘The secret life of the sea kayaker’. Past films include Trials of Miles (2012), of the first running of the Australian Alps Walking Track and Africa by Kayak (2010) of his 2000km odyssey from Mozambique to Cape town. Beau’s highest scrabble score in a single go was 146, but it’s dubious.


Mitch Drummond

Bio: Outdoor educator, cricketer, film buff and photographer. New to skateboarding and drone flying. Mitch makes complicated, slow, very good sandwiches and just completed his Honours thesis on ‘Digital representation of outdoor experiences’.  His best scrabble score in a single go was 42.

Key Trio of Paddlers:

Dan Webb

Bio: Outdoor guide, rock climber, sea kayaker, funnyman. Endearingly warm and friendly, Dan gets sick of muesli after 11 days. Has been known to eat a whole chicken in one sitting, and will often go climbing for 3 days and come back 5 weeks later. Dan is not familiar with the game Scrabble.

Matt O’Keeffe

Bio: His true love is backcountry skiing, but in truth Matt loves simply being outdoors. Director of ski patrol at an Australian ski resort, Matt has taken to dragging his 1 year old son around in a sled or trailer as he runs, skis and rides around the hills of his mountain town. He doesn’t have time to play scrabble.

Paul Marshall and Craig Hines came to the expedition late, two guys who were planning to make their own crossing that same Autumn. They had tried to make the crossing the year before but had ran out of time. Great guys, who would essentially run their own trip, but make some of the crossings with Beau, Matt and Dan in the larger pod of 5.

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