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Three sea kayakers paddle with sails on their kayaks towards the island of Tasmania. Beau Miles
Beau Miles

Three plus two equaled five times the adventure for this open-water crossing.

Bass by Kayak is a six-part documentary series filmed and produced by expedition sea kayaker Beau Miles. Beau, who hails from the Australia is something of a sea kayaking doctor. No really —(well almost.) Bass by Kayak documents the 300 kilometer open-water crossing of the Bass Strait from Australia to the island of Tasmania. George Strait first sailed through this passage between Australia and what was known as Van Diemen’s Land, which is now Tasmania, in the late 1700s'. Ever since it has been known for its treacherous weather, strong tidal currents and has taken on the mythology as the Bermuda Triangle of the Southern Hemisphere. 

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Currently in the home stretch of finishing his PHD at Monash University, he is specializing in what he describes as “sea kayak adventuring.” Spliced in between a paddle around the horn of Africa or running the Australian Alps for 700 km, he is a lecturer on the fundamentals of outdoor recreation and concepts related to expeditionary leadership.


Man vs Commute (Paddle To Work)

While we wait until March 8, 2017 for the Bass by Kayak premier you can watch Beau as he changes up the perspective on how to get to work everyday. The irony is not lost on him of rushing to work to teach students about adventure inside a lecture hall, so he decides to change things up in this digital short

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