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A SUP forum at Outdoor Retailer 2016. Photo: Outdoor Retailer
Video; Outdoor Retailer

Rapid Media publisher Scott MacGregor speaks to SUP industry insiders on how to encourage PFD use, how to make enthusiasts out of owners and more at Outdoor Retailer 2016

Rapid Media publisher and founder Scott MacGregor held a forum titled “Stand Up And Be Heard” at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Featured onstage were:

Andre Niemeyer-owner of I-9 Media and SUPconnect

Hastings Blumer-director of product management for SUP, surf and paddles at Confluence Outdoor

Charlie Burwell-general manager at NAISH

Ryan Guay-vice president of sales at Surftech and NSP

Lili Colby-co-owner at MTI Adventurewear

One area of interest in the SUP world the panel touched on was the wearing—or lacking of wearing—of PFDs. Niemeyer suggested the SUP world needs to move past its history. “I do think SUP has to overcome its own heritage and be much more lifejacket friendly, if not even a proponent of lifejackets. But not lifejackets alone—that’s a big difference too. “ He goes onto to say that a leash is key as well, and suggests the industry could take lessons from the ACA.

Another topic addressed to the panel was how the industry can create enthusiasts, not just SUP owners. A concern some in the SUP world hear is what will happen when every boathouse and garage has a board hanging in it and how second purchases can be driven. See what the experts thought in the video above. 

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