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A kayaker paddles in a TRAK kayak Photo: Trak Kayaks
Video: TRAK Kayaks

TRAK Kayaks rings in the 10 year mark with a crowd-sourced video of kayakers exploring the globe

TRAK Kayaks is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a community-sourced video showcasing where paddlers have travelled in their rugged, portable kayaks.

The I’ve Paddled Everywhere video is a compilation of submissions following a call to TRAK owners to send in videos or use the #TRAKeverywhere tag to show their adventures paddling the globe. The video contains footage accompanied by vocals from Ryan Hook of kayakers exploring 24 destinations, including Norway, British Columbia, Greenland, Mongolia and Belize.

Nolin Vaillard, managing director of TRAK, says they wanted to celebrate the 10-year milestone with the community and also show off what TRAK offers kayakers in terms of portability and access to different destinations. TRAK Kayaks pack down into a rolling bag, allowing owners to take them on planes or load them into the trunk of a car before setting out in the ocean. The video highlights this accessibility against the backdrop of beautiful kayaking locales.

The I’ve Paddled Everywhere video is the first version of subsequent community-sourced edits. TRAK hopes to extend the video as new footage is submitted.


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