Video: The Dagger Chaos Surfing Kayak | Adventure Kayak Magazine | Rapid Media
A Dagger Kayaks representative speaks to the camera about their re-released Chaos surfing kayak. Screen Capture: Adventure Kayak
Screen Capture: Adventure Kayak

A sit-on-top kayak designed for ocean surfing.

The Chaos is a sit-on-top beach use kayak that would be used by entry-level paddlers in small, surf waves and comes in two wild color patterns. The design incorporates a surf-fin, thigh-straps and enhanced back-band. A small, forward-facing day hatch will keep your valuables safe and dry and the moulded foot pegs will give any paddler plenty of forward thrust. The rockered shape makes this boat a fun, playful option for breaking through surf and carving them back again.

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