Video: Stellar Kayaks S16s Surf Ski Kayak | Adventure Kayak Magazine | Rapid Media
A Stellar Kayaks representative stands in front of the camera speaking about their S16s surfski kayak. Screen Capture: Adventure Kayak
Screen Capture: Adventure Kayak

A Stellar Kayaks sit-in and sit-on-top combination makes this a viable option for touring or multi-sport racing.

The S16s Surf Ski kayak from Stellar Kayaks is a serious competitor for a variety of water sport activities. A unique morphing of a sit-on-top and sit-in style cockpit allows for use as a racing machine or for a classic touring set up. As a high-performance kayak it not only can handle high speeds but is light and manageable for any level of experience with bucket seats and a variety of accessories. The new Kevlar laminate is designed to take a beating and yet retain its strength and hull integrity.

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