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A SUP paddler paddling in calm water. Image by: SUP Magazine

Tips on how to not get in over your head when paddling a SUP

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We all know the feeling, you are the proud owner of a new kayak or SUP. You want to get on the water immediately. But you have to be careful to not get in over your head. You have to know your limits.

When you take your SUP out for it’s first test run, you have two choices. You can find a nice calm spot of water to get used to your new board, or you can take it directly to the waves. To practice safer paddling, you must know your limits.

If you are not a seasoned paddler, it’s safer to find a spot of calm water and get used to your new board. The video below is fun, but the point is serious. If you don’t know your limits, you could end up in serious trouble.

Know your limits before you hit the water.


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