Video: Empty a Flooded Kayak Hatch with the Curl Rescue or Cleopatra's Needle | Adventure Kayak Magazine | Rapid Media
Leon Somme performs a Cleopatra's Needle rescue as another sea kayaker looks on. Photo: Screen Capture

Leon Sommé of Body Boat Blade demonstrates how to save a sinking kayak

For an effective sea kayak rescue when you have a flooded hatch and no way of landing to shore, Cleopatra's Needle, also known as the curl rescue, is a reliable way to ensure you are on your way. If the front or rear compartment of your kayak floods after you hit a rock, blow out your hatch cover or experience a leaking skeg box, the standard T-rescue is useless to solve this problem. Master the curl rescue and you'll be equipped to handle this situation. It's super fun to practice too. In this episode, Leon Sommé of Body Boat Blade demonstrates how to perform this useful rescue.

Stay tuned for more skills videos with Body Boat Blade International in this series, presented by Adventure Kayak, and watch more techniques on our YouTube channel.


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