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Gilman Grips Are Now Available For Composite Oars Gilman Grips

A high-performance upgrade for Composite Oars

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Gilman Grips oar handles are poised to disrupt the oar industry with the world's first high-performance ergonomic oar grips for rowing drift boats and dories, rafts and crafts. Whether you row for dough or for show these grips are worth a closer look.

For three years, Jeff Gilman carved, sculpted, and molded countless pairs of oar handles in search of the perfect shape. The result? An oar grip that provides unprecedented performance, comfort, and control while minimizing wrist, elbow, and shoulder fatigue.

Gilman Grips are the ultimate, high-performance oar grip.

The groundbreaking new design of Gilman Grip Oar Handles promises significant performance advantages over traditional round grips, which often unintentionally spin in the user’s hand. By utilizing an ergonomic shape to give a rower’s hand twice the surface area where it’s needed most, Gilman’s design requires a fraction of the strength needed to control a traditional oar grip. “With our patented design, anyone can now feather their oars with confidence and finesse while grabbing or releasing current with precision.” Says Gilman

“The response from the river community has been tremendous”, says Gilman who frequently receives calls from rafters and fly fishermen intrigued by his invention. Gilman goes on to say, “Our high-performance grips will completely revolutionize your rowing experience,” while adding, “Product testers overwhelmingly prefer Gilman Grips’ ergonomic design over traditional round grips.”

Gilman Grips can now be purchased directly from the company website -, or from one of their many authorized retailers: Aire Rafts, Koffler Boats, Adipose Boatworks, Stealthcraft Boats, RO Drift Boats, and Utah Whitewater Gear.

Gilman Grips can be installed onto existing composite oars after removing the factory grips. Detailed instructions can be found under the FAQ page at

About Gilman Grip inventor, Jeff Gilman

Jeff Gilman has spent most of his life in pursuit of adventure. He found it in the form of big water boating, kayaking creeks and rivers from British Columbia to Ecuador. Kayaking allowed him to explore the world and reach places only accessible to those who were willing to challenge class five rapids. After over 30 years paddling big water, a torn rotator cuff changed the way he was able to access the river.

Without his kayak, Jeff became a rafter to continue his lifelong love of river adventure; but there was a problem. Whereas Jeff’s kayak paddle grip had felt agile, enabling him to navigate rivers with ease,  his oar grips felt unresponsive and sluggish. Unsatisfied and unwilling to accept defeat, Jeff set out to change the status quo and Gilman Grips was born. After rigorous testing, reshaping, and remodeling, Jeff finally achieved his goal and developed a grip that gives oarsmen unparalleled performance.

A few of the Gilman Grips design features;

Gilman Grips high-performance oar handles deliver a significant advantage over traditional round grips, which can unintentionally spin in your hand. We accomplish this by utilizing the most ergonomic shape and by providing your hand with almost twice the surface, where you need it most. Our patented design requires a fraction of the hand strength required to hang onto and properly control a traditional oar grip, resulting in less shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand fatigue so that you can enjoy more glorious days on the river. Designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes from XS to XXL, the innovative shape fits your hand like a glove. Our grips provide you with intuitive feathering and instant rower feedback on your blade angle in the water. Compatible with but eliminating the need for oar rights, Giman Grips allow the oarsmen to feather the oar with all the confidence and control of an oar right, without having the oar locked in the vertical position. Injection molded with a non-slip textured TPE overmold for maximum comfort, control, and performance. Available in two colors black/gray and purple/green, with a counterbalanced option for the proper oar swing weight.

Gilman Grips are opening new authorized retail locations weekly, so please ask your favorite boating shop to bring in a pair of these high-performance grips for you today.

Gilman Grips can be installed onto your existing composite oars after removing the factory grips. Detailed instructions can be found under the FAQ page at

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