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Traci Lynn Martin carries a yellow kayak along the shore.

Kayaker continues attempt to paddle Great Lakes despite two rescues

After two rescues and a 10-day delay, kayaker Traci Lynn Martin is back on the water in her attempt to paddle the Great Lakes.

On March 9, Martin set off on an 8,600-mile paddle around the five Great Lakes, hoping to smash the world record for the farthest documented non-stop paddling trip by a kayak in one year.

Traci Lynn Martin's intended route to paddle the Great Lakes with a kayak.

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On March 24, the Huron County Sherriff’s Office received a call about a missing kayaker. Martin was located and returned to shore.

A second distress call from Martin was received on March 27—she was 20 miles from Lake Huron’s shore and surrounded by ice. According to Huron County Sheriff Kelly Hanson, Martin was treated on the scene and refused further treatment.

Traci Lynn Martin paddles a yellow kayak on the ocean.

In the event of a third distress call, Hanson warns Martin’s kayak may be confiscated.

Martin’s adventure began on the southern tip of Lake Huron at Fort Gratiot Lighthouse and Beach Park in Michigan. The trip will finish at Lake Erie Metro Park in Brownstown Township, Michigan.

You can track Martin's adventure here:

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