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Adventure Kayak Spring 2017 cover. Cover Photo: Kevin Light | Paddler: Rita Kasla | Location: Jordan River, Vancouver Island


Now that Adventure Kayak's 2017 Spring issue has hit stands online and in store, let's take a sneak peek inside North America's favorite kayaking magazine’s latest issue. 


The 15 Most Daring Achievements of the Year 

The 15 Most Daring Achievements of the Year

From mind-blowing expeditions to environmental victories, and inspired designers to social visionaries, we look back at the awesome achievements and bold individuals that made 2016 a brilliant year to be a paddler.  



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Life Coaches: An Investigation Into the Power of Intention & The Quest for Happiness

Kayaking's top coaches guide us to becoming better paddlers, so we wondered: could they also help us be better people? We asked eight of the most respected leaders in our community about their biggest blunders, pet peeves, best advice, worst jobs and much more. 



 Kayak Review Current Designs Sisu

Kayak Review: Current Designs' Sisu

Less than a year after the release of the Prana – one of the most exciting new designs of 2016 – Current Designs turned heads with their show-stopper, the Sisu. A new profile, boxier shape and more strength give the Sisu a strong advantage in challenging environments. We take it for a test-paddle to see what the hype is all about.



Kayak Review Point 65s Whisky 16 3L

Kayak Review: Point 65's Whisky 16 3L

Eight years ago, when we first reviewed the composite Whisky 16 from Sweden's Point 65 Kayaks, we applauded its designer, famed English sea kayaker, Nigel Foster, for "boldly pushing deeper into the playboat niche than most would be willing to go."  To celebrate his 10-year collaboration with Point 65, Foster has developed the Whisky 16 3L, a new plastic version of the pioneering kayak. Learn what separates this boat from the multitude of play-specific kayaks on the market in this extensive review by Adventure Kayak's former editor, Virginia Marshall.



How to Build Your Own Greenland Paddle

How to Build Your Own Greenland Paddle

Meet Tom Froese, owner and craftsman at TandJ Paddles, a third-generation woodworker who fell in love with the simple elegance and efficiency of traditional Greenland-style boats and paddles. Grasp the truth and beauty behind the question, "Did you make your paddle?" 



Finding Mindfulness in a Kayak

Finding Mindfulness in a Kayak

Everywhere you look these days, there are mindfulness retreats, five-minute stress reduction regimens and self-help gurus proselytizing the four-day work week. "Slowing down" and "being mindful" have become pop culture catch phrases. In a time when outdoor play has become one more thing to cram into our busy schedules, paddlesports guide and trainer Fiona Hough explores why we need to do a better job as an industry and as individuals of promoting the far-reaching benefits of slow travel. 



Stills Incredible Photography from the Worlds Best Adventure Photographers

Stills: Incredible Photography from the World's Best Adventure Photographers

Enjoy spectacular captures from the likes of Willy Waterton, Kevin Light, Victor Liu and more. 



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