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Top kayaking stories 2015. Photo: Ontario Touism

Discover the five most popular posts on from 2015—happy reading and watching!

1. 15 Essentials Every Kayaker Needs

Whether you’re heading out for a day trip or a weeklong adventure, being prepared ensures an enjoyable trip and that you make it back alive if conditions sour. This expert-approved list will get you well on your way to packing your hatch.

2. Video: Learn The Scoop Kayak Rescue

The Scoop Rescue is a fast and effective way to get an incapacitated paddler back into their kayak. In this episode, Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé of Body Boat Blade use the “belly down, hug the boat” method as a more stable, easier approach to this rescue. They have also incorporated the super simple “Haggerty Handle” for the rescuer who may struggle to right the victim’s boat. 

3. Video: Bear Eats Panicked Woman's Kayak

A solo paddler on a 172KM remote expedition in Alaska watches in horror as a bear approaches then proceeds to gnaw on her kayak. While the video is memorable for the subject matter, it's the paddler's especially shrill voice you won't forget. The video has been viewed more than 4 million times. The kayaker, Mary Maley, responds to online critisisms here. Maley's kayak was so damaged she cut the trip short, and was forced to swim for help to the sailboat seen in the background as the sailboat didn't have its radio turned on. 

4. Skills: Good Trip Gone Bad

The ability to challenge ourselves in almost any environment is one of the great attractions of our small, nimble craft. As quickly as you can find a challenge in your sea kayak, it is just as easy to get in over your head. To avoid ruining a good trip, preparation is key. Identify common problems you could encounter, develop creative solutions, and then try them out— before you get into trouble. Consider these examples as the first 10 turns in an endless game of “What if . . .?”

5. We Don't Need No Education

"... The same phenomenon of credential overproduction has befallen society as a whole. The world is now so full of highly educated people looking for somewhere to sell their expensive knowledge that it’s hard to break into just about any field, even with an advanced degree. It befits those who hold the credentials to convince everybody else that they’re necessary. But—take it from me, a guy with a master’s degree in outdoor recreation and a post-grad diploma in journalism who went on to write stories about kayaking—we don’t have to believe the hype...."



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