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Our first stop at ICAST 2018 was the Hobie booth where Keeton Eoff showed off one of the best recent innovations. Fishfinder is a valuable…
Business was brisk at the Vibe Kayaks booth where the company’s first dance at ICAST was met with excitement from buyers and media. Showing off…
So, you’re ready to buy a paddleboard. The explosive growth and relative infancy of SUP means there are dozens of companies out there, each offering…

The Future Of SUP

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Is the Hydrofoil Revolution real? It’s highly technical, so it may be here to stay but only among a small crowd of expert athletes. As…

Boat Review: Scorpio MKII HV

Written by Steve Ruskay
Six years after the original Scorpio was introduced in 2009, P&H brought us a slightly tweaked more innovative design: the Scorpio MK II. The first…
I have been a fan of Boreal Design kayaks for a long time. I have used their Inukshuk expedition kayaks taking students on several month-long,…

Hurricane Kayaks Sweetwater 126

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Hurricane Kayaks are known for their lightweight kayaks. The Sweetwater 126 is no exception. This boat is a little more than 12-foot long and 33-inches…

PakBoats Quest 150

Written by Rapid Media Staff
The updated pakboats 150 has some new features. It has an enchanced system for better stiffness in the midsection of the boat. It also can…

Redesigned Wilderness Systems Tsunami

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Wilderness Systems gave the iconic Tsunami a facelift. The tried and true model has a much more modern look. The new look adds structure to…

First Look: C4 Waterman Holo Holo 2

Written by Rapid Media Staff
C4 Waterman knows that not everyone has a roof rack or a trailer. So they have broken their popular Holo Holo board down into two…
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