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Gear Preview: Power Traveller PowerMonkey Extreme 12v Photo courtesy Power Traveller

A look at the waterproof and shockproof PowerMonkey Extreme

The PowerMonkey Extreme goes where few other others can— this rugged solar charging kit is waterproof and shockproof so you can harness the sun’s rays on the water and anywhere else you find yourself. The Extreme also does what very few compact solar powered systems can—it charges both 5V and 12V devices. That means all your USB gadgets—like phones, music players, GPS and tablets, including iPads—as well as juice-thirsty devices like SLRs, camera battery cradles and radios via 12V DC. The kit includes all the charging adapters and cables you could ever need, and packages neatly with the folding 3-Watt solar panels...


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