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A Justin Case Kayak leans up against a tent in the woods Justin Case Kayak
A video showcasing the Justin Case Kayak, which the company claims will be the lightest kayak on the market. Justin Case Kayak

he Kickstarter campaign for the 5.7-pound kayak you didn’t know existed.

Two men walk towards a lake with Justin Case Kayaks

Justin Case Kayak launches Kickstarter campaign to fund their portable kayak. Have you ever thought of taking a kayak on a plane as a carry-on? Or storing it in the corner of your closet? Have you ever hit a shore line on a hike and wished you could keep going? Justin Case Kayak is here to change the way we embrace outdoors and stretch our boundaries. On January 31st, 2017, Justin Case Kayak launches a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of a kayak that folds up to the size of a folding chair.

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Designed for urban adventurers exploring the wild outdoors, Justin Case Kayak is the first portable kayak under 6 lbs. Canadian outdoor enthusiast, Inna Morgan came up with the concept back in 2015. The portable kayak was born out of frustration with the size, cost and storage requirements of traditional kayaks. The idea grew into an international collaboration with designers and engineers in Europe, and transformed into a real-sized foldable kayak, creating an out-of-box solution aimed at beginners to professionals to experience kayaking wherever they are. Justin Case is made with a carbon fiber frame and a ripstop skin. Weighing just 5.7 lbs, the kayak can carry over 250 lbs, and measures no more than 40 inches long, 6 inches wide when folded and can be fully assembled in approximately 10 minutes.

A man stand on the waters edge with a Justin Case Kayak bag over his shoulder

The concept and prototypes have been water tested repeatedly over the past 6 months, bringing a safe, reliable and durable kayak to KickStarter. The Justin Case Kayak launched on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter on January 31, 2017 for a 30-day campaign. Taking over 2 years to develop, the campaign is looking to raise $135,000 CAD by March 1, 2017. Perks include a special price of a kayak for $700 CAD which reflects a $150 CAD discount and delivers worldwide, as well as custom, limited edition merchandise. Product will start shipping in June. All products are designed in Canada. You can find out more about Justin Case on the Kickstarter campaign page.



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