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Body ink that shows how much kayakers love their sport—for better or worse

Obsessed with kayaking? We are too. Tell-tale signs of being kayak-crazy include making kayaking your main conversation topic, obsessing over the minutiae of new gear and considering kayaking skills a crucial quality in a potential romantic partner. Some paddlers take it a step further and forever cement their love of two-bladed fun on their bodies. See below for the wild, ridiculous and beautiful ways kayakers illustrate what paddling means to them. 



 The silhouetted angler 

A kayaker's tattoo.


The backcountry kayaker  

A kayaker's tattoo.


The low-key kayaker 

A kayaker's tattoo.


The just wants to have fun paddler  



The kayak angler's dream catch

A kayaker's tattoo.  


 Lesson learned from this tattoo? Never kayak a salmon near a grizzly bear. 

A kayaker's tattoo.


The triumphant tourer 

cac09 heathtat


The classic whitewater enthusiast

A kayaker's tattoo.


Kayaking on a fish is a popular motif in the kayak tattoo world  

A kayaker's tattoo.


Just in case you thought kayakers were too wholesome 

A kayaker's tattoo.


 We don't know what's going on here, but our best wishes go to the owner of the paddle. 

A kayaker's tattoo.  


Wearing her love for whitewater proudly 

A kayaking tattoo.

Inspired to go paddling after seeing all these tattoos? Explore our Paddling Trip Guide. 


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