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Virginia Marshall edges the Whisky 16 sea kayak from Point 65 Kayaks. Screen Capture: Adventure Kayak

An ocean-play sea kayak you can surf on a touring trip.

The Whisky 65 16 3L was redesigned to give confidence to paddlers of all skill levels.

Upper deck shot of the Whisky 16 sitting on a dock.


The hull was designed to maximize control while surfing and carving waves. The flat hull meets the full-length chines almost at 90 degrees, which provides comfortable secondary stability for any level of expertise. The 3L stand for the three-layered construction of polyethylene that makes this boat a solid choice for playing in tidal surf.

 Side-profile image of the chine of a Whisky 16 sea kayak.


Image of the seat and cockpit of the Whisky 16 sea kayak.

The ocean-play hull is topped by a deck, capable of making the Whisky 16 a reasonable touring kayak.

Length: 16 feet

Width: 22 inches

Kayak Weight: 55 pounds

Price: $1,699/$1,999




Virginia Marshall carves the Whisky 16 as she test paddles.

Reasonable touring speed, a deep cockpit and boxy hull will have beginners feeling very stable on edge. The material lay up and chine construction makes this a go-to option for the more advanced paddler who wants to play. 

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