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Boat Review: Swift Canoe & Kayak Saranac 14 Photo: Virginia Marshall

A review of the very comfortable Saranac 14

“This seat is amazing!” exclaimed our more hedonistic (and—ahem— mature) testers, after settling into the Saranac 14’s luxuriantly cushy cockpit. Swift listened to their customers and concluded that most want to be very, very comfortable. It would seem they even borrowed the lumbar pillow out of your granddaddy’s Buick and trimmed it to fit the Saranac’s throne.

“We also offer a lower seat back,” says Swift Canoe & Kayak general manager Carmen Baum, “but nearly everyone asks for the high-back.”

The Saranac’s 23.5-inch width is reassuring for novice paddlers, however overall stability takes a hit from the higher center of gravity created by the extra-thick seat support (no one complained about the lack of leg cramps, though).

This 14-footer’s long waterline privileges cruising efficiency over maneuverability—the Saranac tracks...


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