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Exam Time

Exam Time

The next generation of river guides get graded

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Portable Speaker Review

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Portable Speaker Review

A go-anywhere speaker with impressive sound for its size

The Best Hole in America

The Best Hole in America

World-class waves at Kelly's Whitewater Park

How To Stay Warm For Spring Surfing

How To Stay Warm For Spring Surfing

Enjoy even the chilliest spring sessions with these pro tips for keeping cozy

Video: The North Fork Championship II by River Roots

Video: The North Fork Championship II by River Roots

"It does't matter whether you've run this thing a hundred times...the North Fork doesn't care."

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    • Daily Photo: Flood

      Daily Photo: Flood

      We're getting stoked for high water, but it'll be a while before we shed our drysuits like this guy! Thanks to Zach Reigel for today's…
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    • Video: The North Fork Championship II by River Roots

        "It seemed as if the North Fork Payette rose to the challenge of the North Fork Championship, as paddlers came from all across the…
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    • How Katrina Van Wijk's four-letter word is changing the game for women
    Its stickers have branded the boats of pro whitewater women and its…
    • Must love to paddle, bike, ski and have an aversion to suits, traffic and smog.
    World’s best paddlesports media company seeking creative, energetic, self-directed, detail-oriented designer for…
    • World-class waves at Kelly's Whitewater Park
    “It’s the sickest play hole probably ever built,” says Junior World Champion…
  • Take a long, thin strip of paper, put a twist in it,…
    • Take your downriver mischief to the next level
    This whitewater kayak review originally appeared in Rapid magazine. Splats and squirts were paddling…


  •   A new, low top version of the Tideline bootie, the Tideline Low, includes Stohlquist’s tried and true rubber outsole with beefed-up rubber protection around…

Weekend Plans

  •  Is there anything more refreshing than a cold beer after a day on the river? (No, we aren’t talking bootie beers here). Excluding lukewarm Pabst…

Paddling Gourmet

  •   This time-tested recipe for how to smoke fish in the backcountry was first published in Canoeroots and Family Camping magazine.  It’s hard to argue…

Level Up Your Skills

  • The spring thaw is finally underway and that means two things—paddling and cold water. Knowing how to prepare yourself for the inevitable cold that comes…
    • How Tevas became the boots of the working-class river world
    In 1984 one Grand Canyon river guide singlehandedly launched the sport sandal market by beefing up his flip flops with an extra ankle strap. It was the start of Teva, and by the end of the decade, his simple sandal fix had become an outdoor giant and marketing sensation. Teva’s custom webbing designs and all manner of Velcro straps brought…
    • The next generation of guides get graded
     ONE, TWO, THREE, PUSSHHHHH! After an epic series of grunts and profanities, it happened. Our bus was finally gaining traction in the sand and on its way home from where it dropped us. We were at the put-in of the Karnali River, in Nepal. It had taken us a day and a half of bumping around in the back of…
    • A photographer's quest for midnight light
     In the utter darkness of midnight, stage lighting blinded Blair Trotman as he launched a Wave Sport Recon off the edge of the visible earth, plunging into the abyss 60 feet below the lip of Sutherland Falls. Then, from behind a pile of high-end camera equipment, someone told Trotman it was time for take two. And then three.   “Blair…
    • Why you should just tell people you're a doctor
     “So what is it that you do?” I hate that question. Not because I find it offensive and intrusive. It’s just that, unless the person who asked is a paddler, he won’t understand the answer. Most people consider the question to be about work—a separate question from what you do for fun. Since paddling has been both my work and…

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  • IN THIS ISSUE: Last Frontier: Sorcery, sacred canyons and redemption runs. Four kayakers take on Papua New Guinea’s deadly jungle rivers.
    Feeding The Habit: From serving drinks to saving lives, eight top paddlers share their secret second lives

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  • IN THIS ISSUE: Muskoka River X: Hap Wilson takes on the longest, hardest single-day paddling race in the world; Finding Fundy: Why this East Coast playground belongs on your bucket list; 2014 Canoe Buyer’s Guide: The hottest canoes for the cottage, backcountry and whitewater rivers.

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  • Stock Your PFD With Rescue Essentials

Latest Whitewater Articles

  • Daily Photo: Flood
  • Keeper: Smarter Straps
  • Stohlquist Tideline Low Booties

Whitewater Boats

  • Wave Sport Mobius Kayak Review
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  • Dagger Jitsu Review
  • Nova Craft Ocoee Review
  • Pyranha Nano River Runner Review

Whitewater Gear

  • Stohlquist Tideline Low Booties
  • Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Portable Speaker Review
  • NRS Crux Drysuit Review
  • Field Test: Astral Designs' Greenjacket
  • Kokatat Rogue Review

Whitewater Skills

  • How To Stay Warm For Spring Surfing
  • Stock Your PFD With Rescue Essentials
  • Skill Video: Kayak Roll Troubleshooting
  • Sit-Up Stern Stall How-To
  • Training Tips to Paddle Forever

Whitewater Rivers

  • Top Paddler's Pubs
  • Trip Plan: Rio Palguin River, Chile
  • Top Park ‘n’ Huck Spots
  • British Invasion: Go Creeking In The English Lake District
  • British Invasion: Enjoy World-Class Surfing In England

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