Kwanza Henderson
A fitting title for such an epic trophy.

Kwanza Henderson is a Johnson Outdoors and Ocean Kayak pro staff member. He sent in this epic video of the giant, 38 and 1/2 inch snook he caught while trolling a live mullet. Here's the full story: 

"I got to the spot around 6:30am so that I could catch bait. At that time finger mullet were running. I cast out my net a few times and caught half a dozen finger mullet and decided it was time to get in the water. At 7:15am I'm thinking, "I hope the action stays hot.
Once I got in the water I started using a few crank baits, but no bites. I took out a finger mullet and put a line out behind my kayak to troll, really close to the docks. I heard a loud scream, reached for my camera to press record and grabbed my rod out of the rod holder. As I'm reeling the catch in the line snaps. At this time I'm excited because I just got hooked up because I tried something i never did, which was trolling live bait. So I circled back around to give it a go. Boom my bait gets hammered and I see a big splash as I reached for my rod. The force was SO violent that it snapped the line again.
I was excited, but frustrated as well because I didn't get any footage yet. At about 10:30am the bite usually stops. I took a break to tie on some 80lbs leader to replace the 60lbs I was using. I received a call from a friend and started giving him the run down about my day so far. I told him "I'm going to troll one more time before I go home. I don't think anything else is going to bite." I hung up the phone, went back to the top of the lake and decided to troll next to the dock with my last live mullet.
Not even 2 minutes passed and I hear a sound like a drill going off like at the dentist while getting a root canal. At this time I'm thinking "There's no way I'm not going to land this fish." I had no idea what it was or how big it was until I saw the head break the water. I was saying "OMG look at the size of that snook". My heart starts racing because I didn't want to loose it as I did the previous hook ups and the fact that i NEVER caught a snook that big in my kayak. I was extra excited because I was able to record the moment.
As I reeled that beast in next to my boat my adrenalin was surging. Again I'm saying, "OMG no one would believe me if I didn't record it." After I took my pictures of the snook-a-saurus, I let it go to fight another day. I was so pumped I had to go home so I could review the footage and edit it. Apparently my mind went completely blank when I was fighting the fish, because i didn't realize the snook jumped like it did until I saw the video. That was one of the best days I had in a long time of fishing."

For more from Kwanza Henderson, check out his YouTube Channel, or visit his page on

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