Contrasting colors are one of the trademarks of Cheeky reels. Contrasting colors are one of the trademarks of Cheeky reels. Photo: Patrick Rhea/Cheeky Fly Fishing
Get Cheeky with these tough, stylish reels.

Cheeky fly fishing is fairly new on the scene but already getting very popular with fly anglers looking for style, function and durability. I recently met with some of the guys of Cheeky at a fly fishing show in Taunton, MA and got to test the drag system on a few of their reels. While a test using your hands is not nearly the same as on an actual fish, you can still get a good idea of the smoothness and strength of a drag system. The cheeky reels that I tried were tough and strong; the kind of tough that you don't need to worry about when dragging a reel through mud, sand, salt water, a kayak crate, and anything else you can throw at it. Their sealed synthetic disc drag system is sure to stop any big fish trying to out-muscle you. 

Trip Tribe 6

Known for their contrasting color schemes that stand out, Cheeky reels look as good as they are strong. They also offer all silver models for those who wish to fit in on the trout stream. Looking over the color schemes like my girlfriend looks over shoes, I had to resist an impulse buy. At $360 for the Ambush 375 series reel, these don't come cheap, but are still not too expensive that you can't reason one. The reel's features are those of a much higher priced reel, but have more durability than some of the high-priced counterparts. 

Ambush Candid

The Ambush 375 series is designed for heavy freshwater or lighter inshore saltwater fishing. For fly anglers looking to target freshwater game like big trout, largemouth/smallmouth bass, and salmon, or smaller inshore species like redfish, striped bas, and speckled trout, this is a reel you need to check out. The reel weighs 6.1 ozs and is available in the Green/Gold or all silver color schemes and line weights in 5-7. 

Guymon 8

For more information about Cheeky or their Ambush 375 series, check out their website,  

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