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Canoeing in Wind Technique

Canoeing in Wind Technique

Learn how to keep control of your canoe even when it's blowing with these pro tips.

Skill: Go Ultra-Light

Skill: Go Ultra-Light

Find out why bacon is a weigh-saver and 11 other tips that will have you flying down the portage trail.

New Issue of Canoeroots Released

New Issue of Canoeroots Released

The Early Summer 2014 issue is on newsstands now!

Trucker's Hitch Tie Down Technique

Trucker's Hitch Tie Down Technique

Use the trucker's hitch for a no-worry tie down with rope

Skills: Master the Low Brace

Skills: Master the Low Brace

Never tip again with this expert advice

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    • Daily Photo: Moose Alert

      Daily Photo: Moose Alert

      "We were watching a moose that was feeding in the water, and one of the canoes drifted in towards the moose.  The moose noticed the canoe and…
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    • Video: Canoe Strokes and Control

      This introductory video by Rolf Kraiker provides insight into some of the basic principles of paddling a canoe in what's referred to as the traditional…
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  • World’s best paddlesports media company seeking creative, energetic, self-directed, detail-oriented designer for a full-time, in-house position. Must love…
  • The 16th annual Yukon River Quest was memorable for its rocky start with all teams battling breakers that…
  •  This 74-page issue of Paddling Magazine brings you all the paddling content you crave—including trips, tips, techniques and…
  •   Historians have yet to unearth a corporate code of ethics used by Harry Chestnut to build the…
  • Day-tripper or weekend warrior, it seems everyone loves the Bobs Special. Its longstanding appeal has made it one…

In The Pack

  •   Got beer? Not if your multiday paddling trip features portages of any length. Thanks to Pat’s Backcountry Beverages canoeists can drink beer in the…

Weekend Plans

  • We’ve all been there before. Roughing it in the woods for a few nights while facing the elements and putting up with the mosquitoes and…

Paddling Gourmet

  •   As the camp kettle of the 1804 to 1806 Lewis and Clark expedition and the official state cooking pot of Texas, Utah and Arkansas,…

Level Up Your Skills

  •   The cross-forward stroke is one of the most helpful stroke used by solo canoeists, even though it's looks down upon by some traditionalists who…
    • Temagami | 1902 | Winterers in a North Canoe
      Headwaters is a new column about the old ways that appears in Canoeroots magazine.    By 1690, Europeans no longer relied on aboriginal traders bringing their furs to Quebec. They had traveled west from Montreal, the epicenter of trade, and entered the wilderness to live and work with the natives, establishing trading posts. As a result, business boomed. To…
    • Finding common ground for married couples on trip
      Tom and I went on our first canoe trip together last summer. We'd ben engaged for a while, but we had never pushed off for a long trip. Both of us are paddlers, so we had nothing short of a lifetime of shared happiness—or misery—on the line. It took us a while to agree on a plan. He wanted…
    • And the fight to save it
    This photo essay by Peter Mather was first published in the 2014 Early Summer issue of Canoeroots.    Located in the northeast corner of the Yukon, at the end of the Rocky Mountain chain, is one of North America’s last intact ecosystems. Remote, rugged and utterly untamed, the Peel Watershed is a dream destination for canoeists looking for a once…
    • Tales of bears that came for dinner, and didn't know when to leave
    This spring The Edmonton Journal reported that a grocery store in Peace River, Alberta had opened its doors to black bears. Or more accurately, a black bear wandered in through an automatic door and helped itself to a dozen cakes in the bakery section. According to the store night manager, it was particularly fond of strawberry mouse—which makes sense.  This…

Current issue of Canoeroots

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  • IN THIS ISSUE: 27 Perfect Things: The best new gear, gadgets and tools for your camp kit; Gone With The Wind: Inside the battle for your dream river route; The Great Family Escape: The best remote, multi-day family backpacking adventure.

Current issue of Paddling Magazine

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  • IN THIS ISSUE: Extreme Measures: How you and your friends can help scientists learn more about the world’s wildest places; Canoe Casanova: Ken Kelly’s wicked romance with wood and canvas courting canoes; 2014 Kayak Angler Buyer’s Guide: 89 of the hottest kayaks, canoes and boards for fishing.

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Canoeing Boats

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Canoeing Gear

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Canoeing Skills

  • Crossing Over Technique
  • Trucker's Hitch Tie Down Technique
  • Skills: Master the Low Brace
  • Skills Video: Doubles Whitewater
  • Skill: Light a One Match Fire

Canoeing Trips

  • Trip: Moose Safari Adventure
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  • Trips: Canoeing the Great Lakes
  • Far Out Camp-Outs
  • Trips: Floodwood Loop, NY

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