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Skill: Go Ultra-Light

Skill: Go Ultra-Light

With the light, tough gear available today—and with some disciplined packing—you can carry less and have an easier time going further and faster. Find out more...

Trucker's Hitch Tie Down Technique

Trucker's Hitch Tie Down Technique

If you start canoe trips with a wiggling canoe on your roof racks and worrying that it is making a bid for freedom, then you need to learn the trucker's hitch. Find out more...

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IN THIS ISSUE: 27 Perfect Things: The best new gear, gadgets and tools for your camp kit; Gone With The Wind: Inside the battle for your dream river route; The Great Family Escape: The best remote, multi-day family backpacking adventure.

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  • What do you take on a weekend canoe trip? What is your favorite meal to bring along?   This photo is courtesy of…

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  • This introductory video by Rolf Kraiker provides insight into some of the basic principles of paddling a canoe in what's referred to as…


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IN THIS ISSUE: TRAIL BLAZERS: From securing access to conserving wilderness, these water trail visionaries are mapping the future of kayaking on our coasts and rivers; PADDLER’S PARADISE: Peter Mather leads a group of artists and adventurers on a quest to save your fantasy; WHITEWATER BUYER'S GUIDE: 59 of the best boats, paddles, PFDs, helmets and dry bags for all your river running needs.
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