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Video: Kayaking With Penguins

Spending time with Antarctica's famous inhabitants

Video: Paddleboard With Whales

Gorgeous footage of a close encounter

Skill: Fit All-Season

Seven cross-training activities for paddlers to stay in shape

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Video of the Week

  • Kayaker Stian Aadland of Norway floats by glaciers in Antarctica as curious penguins swim alongside him.


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Adventure Kayak is the international paddling magazine for sea kayakers, touring kayakers and lakewater kayakers. Adventure Kayak is smart, informative and action-packed editorial, mixing in the soft-sided human-interest stories and the lifestyle that is this sport's massive appeal. We believe paddling should be daily recreation, not a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Our award-winning writers file stories from all over the world, from multi-month expeditions to inland waterways where our readers live, work and play.